2018 Market Vendors


Half Barn Farm
They have been growing produce on a small scale for a number of years, gradually trying to scale up to a homesteading size. They have worked at a variety of greenhouses and farms in the local area to gain experience and depth of knowledge. They believe our current food system needs much work to regain real connection to our food and each other and they would like to facilitate that in whatever capacity they can.


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Highwater Farms
Meet Tony and Sarah, the owners of Highwater Farms. They live a block away from St. Casimir Church, where the South Lansing Farms Market is held, and were married there in October 2013. Shortly therafter, a serious medical diagnosis focused their attention on eating higher quality fruits and vegetables. 
Highwater Farms arose from Tony and Sarah’s desire to eat the cleanest, and healthiest foods they could find. After attempts to find and, more importantly, afford the quality produce they were looking for, they decided to grow their own. Highwater Farms is a small urban farm located at 723 Francis on Lansing’s Eastside. The farm focuses on health, sustainability, and productivity. HWF does not use genetically modified products (GMOs) and does not support companies who do. No pesticides or herbicides are used on the farm and many heirloom vegetables grown by HWF have ties to the great state of Michigan from as far back as the 1800’s. These unique varieties will be hard to find anywhere else in the area.
The driving force of Highwater Farms is to provide the residents of Lasing with fresh, local, affordable produce to help keep local families healthy while helping to support the farmers, Tony and Sarah. The farm wants to support and benefit their community and the Greater Lansing area. Come check them out at South Lansing Farmer’s Market every Thursday May 19th to October 13th 3-7pm!   
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Needmore Strange Produce
Mike will have a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the summer, including zucchini, squash, hot peppers, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. But the thing we're most excited about is Mike's GOT MEAT! Beef, pork, AND chicken! 
Mike runs Needmore Strange Produce with two friends and neighbors, Jake and Dennis, who he has known for nearly forty years. Mike grew up raising livestock, but left the family farm for other work. Ten years ago, he returned to what he knew: meat and produce! With occasional help from neighbors, the three friends raise cows, hogs, and free-range chickens on one of the largest farms in Eaton County. Mike's operation is local, with most of his business run straight from the barn. Mike takes a lot of pride in his meats saying, “It’s excellent meat," as long as you don't cook it wrong and ruin it. Mike is happy to share his cooking methods with those who ask, but he doesn’t use a specific recipe; he just knows what he wants his product to taste like. Needmore Strange Produce keeps prices low to ensure tasty meat and produce is available to the community.
Needmore Strange Produce boasts some of the best prices in Michigan, and some of the most outstanding flavors too. Mike says that his crops aren’t organic, but he doesn’t use harmful pesticides. This allows him to produce more plants with the most delicious flavors. His sweet corn is a special strain given to him by a neighbor forty years ago and naturally sweet enough to be eaten raw. Mike says, “We aren’t here to get rich; we are here to do a service for the public...and have fun!"

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Nodding Thistle Farm
Nodding Thistle is a small farm in Barry County. They produce vegetables, dried flowers and a variety of plants for your decorative needs.
Rooted Home Farm and Goods
Produce, crafts, and baked goods. Why is it called Rooted Home? She calls her business “Rooted Home” because everything she does is based out of her home. There’s also PIE!
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 Snappy Foods

The idea for Snappy Foods grew (literally) in Anthony Herrmann's back yard. He loves to tell customers his veggies are "as fresh as it gets," which may be true since his produce travels a mere mile to the market from his home near Washington Park.

A registered nurse, Anthony retired from State of Michigan in 2009, then worked seven years as a nurse with the Ingham County Health Department. After his second retirement, Anthony went back to work part-time in pediatrics. With a half-time job and a half acre lot, Anthony began expanding his garden. This year, he's adding shiitake mushrooms and high tunnel hoops to extend the growing season for his raspberries.  

Last year was was Anthony's first venture into vending at a farmers market, and he made it a family affair with wife Marina and daughter Yuliya. This year, he's focusing his efforts on perennial crops, like asparagus, rhubarb, and raspberries, and Marina will offer homemade fudges, baked goods with a Ukrainian flair, and flavored popcorn snacks.




Wesenberg Produce
They are a family business established in 2001. They retail their homegrown veggies, MI fruit, plants and flowers at mid-Michigan farm markets. They have U-pick/ready-picked strawberries.

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Zumo Eco Farm


Jackie is a chef, a farmer, and a local food entrepreneur. When she’s not cooking or playing in the dirt with her husband (Ener) and their two kids (Zoe and Harmony), she’s working to improve the lives of the people around her through food. Zumo Eco Farm is a diversified family vegetable farm in Williamston, MI. They grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits with their earth and creature habitats in mind. They love playing in the dirt, cooking great food, brewing hop-tastic beer, and sharing it all with friends, family and neighbors.

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517 Coffee Company
517 Coffee Company is seeking to build community through craft roasted coffee. Coffee is roasted on Monday’s and Friday’s and orders ship out on Tuesday and Thursday. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for up-to-date mobile café locations and roastery hours. You can order coffee through their website. Brew. Love. Share.

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Apple Blossom Kombucha
Brewed out of a commercial kitchen in Lansing, Michigan with local, organic ingredients. Owner and brewer, Caley, began brewing in 2012 when the cost of purchasing kombucha every day was nearing $1,000 a year! Caley is passionate about health, wellness, and her community. She attends local farmers markets and uses word of mouth to sell Apple Blossom Kombucha. Caley drinks a kombucha a day to cut those soda cravings with this fizzy drink! Kombucha is known for its many health benefits: Detoxification, Improved Digestion, Arthritis Prevention, Immune System Stimulation, Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss, Reduce Risk of Heart Disease, Energy Enhancement, Supporting a healthy gut, May improve mental health, Antibacterial, Good for cardiovascular system, Helps maintain a healthy liver, Known as the "miracle health elixir."

Brewt’s, LLC
Founded in 2015, Brewt’s Bloody Mary is a 100% all natural, gluten free, and no sugar added Bloody Mary mix with enough kick to keep you warm during the mid-west winters but light enough to keep you on your feet during the west coast summers. Brewt’s is carefully handcrafted in Grand Rapids, MI blending garden-fresh produce with the highest quality spices to create the perfect Bloody Mary.

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Clover Row
Located on the east side of Lansing, Clover Row Bakery is a small home bakery business. They offer artisan breads, herbs, and other homemade products for sale. Breads offered will include sage sourdough round loaves, dilly rye, country white and wheat sandwich bread, crusty rosemary olive oil loaves, and a cinnamon swirl loaf. They also have two non-wheat breads: cinnamon oat, which is low-gluten, and golden barley. Breads are all hand made using high quality, simple ingredients. They source organic and local ingredients where possible and don’t use any chemical additives or preservatives. Many herbs featured are either grown locally or certified organic. The dark rye, stone ground whole wheat flour, barley, oat, and brown rice flours they use are organic. They source the eggs for the Country White and Cinnamon Swirl loaves from Full Circle Ranch based on Potterville.

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Dipped in Sugar
Candy store in Lansing. A bakery that feels just like home. They make homemade baked goods and other confections.

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El Burrito Mexicano
Delicious authentic Mexican food in Lansing, MI.

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Fred’s Jerkey Products
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MI Ice Pops
Their mission is to support Michigan farms and food businesses by using the best fruits, sweeteners and products from this state to handcraft their ice pops. Flavors will be seasonal with a simple ingredient list. MI Pops will never allow artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or colors into their pops.

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Rise and Grind Mobile Coffee
Bringing caffeine and delicious blended drinks to you! Located in the Greater Lansing and surrounding areas.

Risk’s Honey
Beekeeping started out as Mike’s hobby and grew into his passion. Through years of beekeeping experience and a deep appreciation for the environment, he has learned organic methods of beekeeping. Now that he is retired, for his "day job" he can finally share his knowledge with all of you. Him and his wife, Sidney, along with their dog Sunny, a Terrier mix, live in a farming community on 10 acres near the town of Laingsburg, Michigan. Where they not only enjoy their bees, but also chickens, a large organic garden, and organically grown fruit trees. He has been a beekeeper for 29 years and enjoys making honey, raising queens and new beekeepers. He is now and has been the President of the Center of Michigan Beekeepers for the past nine years.

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Al's Woodcrafts

Al Miller learned woodworking from his father, and he's enjoyed the craft for over 50 years. Al always has an assortment of old fashioned wooden toys, outdoor lawn games, doll cradles, bird feeders, decorative wall hangings, paper towel racks, table games, and other custom items.

On the other side of their booth, you'll find a variety of hand sewn fabric crafts by Al's wife Neva. Some of her most popular items include quilted microwave bowls, aprons, baby bibs, placemats, casserole carriers, and headwear for chemo patients.

Neva uses many styles of fabric, including those with seasonal and sports themes. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, just ask. They can often make custom orders.

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Faith’s Pillows
Faith’s Pillows came to be when Christina was blessed to have a little girl in 1999. She named her Faith, because at the time of her birth, they both needed it: Faith. Her baby girl didn’t live long (five days to be exact) but it was long enough for her to realize, life truly does go on whether you want it to or not. In 2003, her parents bought her a sewing machine for Christmas and she started to sew. Her first customers to purchase pillows were her sister and sister in law. Here and again, she would make quilts and blankets for people, but that was as far as she took her crafting ability. She was scared to try and take a chance and step out on faith. Once she overcame those fears, everything seemed to fall into place. Today, she likes to imagine Faith is somewhere laying her head on soft pillows: Faith’s Pillows.

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Market Place Massage
Laura Kennell is the proud owner of Market Place Massage! This affordable massage therapy was launched in 2011 and continues to grow and expand today. Market Place specializes in massage and energy therapies including Reiki, massage therapy, and all-natural products to heal the body. Laura prides herself on working closely with each client to determine the best approach to healing your body. This is important to Laura as every individual is unique and no two people have the same needs. Laura’s mission is to provide affordable, therapeutic massage and bodywork in a convenient, friendly setting that will allow our guests to experience the physical, mental and emotional wellness benefits of regular massage and bodywork. Laura works all year round and would love to open up your world to the success of holistic healing. Stop by the market this season to learn more and book an appointment to start yourself on the path to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness!

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Sapo de Solis

After years of watching friends and family suffer allergic reactions to chemicals found in most commercial cleaning and body care products, Chuck Middaugh and Thomas Johnson took matters into their own hands. They spent countless days, nights, weekends, and significant financial expense experimenting with different recipes and adjusting them based on feedback from friends, family, and their own personal use. Everyone who tried them were surprised by how effective homemade natural alternatives could be.


In 2015, Chuck and Thomas decided to share their cleaner, greener products with the rest of us. Latin for "Soap of the Sun," Sapo de Solis offers everything from natural bleach to shampoo to puppy "paw butter." They also have bar soap, body wash, bath bombs, shower steamers, face masks and scrubs, deodorant, cleaning spray and laundry detergent. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask. They're adding new products all the time.


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