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For years, South Lansing CDA has been daunted by the task of building and marketing a collective identity for an area as vast as Lansing's south side.  How does one capture the essence of an area that covers more than half of the city?  After engaging the public in the city's Master Planning process, we found our answer.  

When asked to identify what aspect of our community they found most appealing - the feature that attracted them to move and entices them to stay in South Lansing - one theme was repeated over and over again . . . green space.

Most urban communities can only dream of having the parks, wilderness, wildlife, trails, shoreline access, and recreational facilities we offer.  Wherever you are on the south side, you are less than a 1/2 mile from a park.

South Lansing also features some of the most attractive neighborhoods in Lansing, with homes in all sizes, styles, and price ranges.  We have  historic homes built near the turn of the 20th century, bungalows built during the war years, cape-cods built in the 1950s, and split-levels and colonials built by baby-boomers.  Brick, stone, clapboard, cedar shakes, or vinyl, we have it all.

Many of the city’s newest homes - with typically suburban amenities like open floor plans, master bedroom suites, and walk in closets - are on the south side.  With some of the largest residential parcels in Lansing, many Southside residents enjoy  a country feel with city benefits.

South Lansing is home to almost every type of business you could ever want or need, from national restaurant and retail chains to local, family-owned diners and shops.  We are also home to several ethnic organizations and a wide variety of faith communities, reflecting the diversity of our residents.    

South Lansing is generally defined as the area bordered by the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers on the north and the Lansing city limits in all directions east, south, and west.  Drivers have highway access on three sides, I-496 to the north, I-127 to the east, and I-96 to the south.  With boundaries encompassing almost 60 percent of the city, South Lansing offers something for everyone!